Be sure to download the Attendee Welcome Packet Here.  Additional copies will NOT be available at the conference

Our conference offers two types of classes: Lecture sessions run for 50 minutes and Workshops run for 110 minutes. Each block period will be dedicated to either workshop or lecture style classes. During each block period, there will be approximately 5-6 different classes on various topics from which to choose, allowing for intimate class sizes and personal feedback. For most workshop classes, you are encouraged to bring written work for review and/or participation, though it is not required. Popular classes are repeated to ensure that you have a chance to attend. There will be approximately 80 original classes/topics offered at the conference.  Once registered for the conference, there are only three classes that require pre-registration on Saturday morning. Other than those three, you simply choose the class that most interests you during a particular block period and attend. Please note that classes begin at 1:00pm on Friday and end at 4:30pm on Sunday.

Special Classes

7-Minute Pitch Sessions

7-Minute Pitch:  Sign–ups for the 7-minute pitch sessions will begin at on Saturday morning at 6:45 am in Conference Central.  Sign-ups are on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be made in person by the participating individual.  For the session, each participant will be assigned a private 7-minute period to present their book idea.  These sessions are closed to the public and will be hosted by a panel of 4-8 experts, including agents and publishers.  Only one session per attendee, please. Attendees should be prepared to spend the first 2 minutes providing the following information:  what is your book about; what is your platform; who is your target market; why are you the appropriate person to write this book?  The last 5 minutes should be left for feedback.  Feel free to attend a different class until you assigned time and then return to that class.